Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kids' Photos

Carrie took some really great pics of our kids last week, and of course, they are further proof that our kids could win any photo contest! (Thanks Carrie, they're priceless!)

I'm not old, I'm just 30!

OK, so I'm sick of the old-person jokes already... I was excited to turn thirty, but I didn't realize so many people considered that old, and that they would find such joy in constantly reminding me of my age... I'm in the absolute prime of my life here people! No more old-person jokes!!!

Below is the birthday card I received from my best friends, Devon and Alyssa... love you guys! :)


So, my darling husband gave me the best birthday/mothers' day gift ever!!! He painted the kitchen and refinished the cabinets for me!!! Here's some of the before, during and after pics :)

(The pics don't do it justice, so y'all just need to come over and see for yourselves!)

Gotta love the original 90's look?! :)
Thanks to BJ for all his help!

Chris not only decided to change the kitchen, but also his haircut... He now looks a bit more like David Beckham... or so he thinks! :)