Sunday, March 11, 2012

I know mothers shouldn't have favorites....but I do!

This little man is the center of attention in our home. Its okay to say he is my favorite because he is really all of our favorites! And I remind my other kids they had their day in the sun..when they were pampered, loved, served (just about every second) and given what ever they want, whenever they want. I only speak to him in a very funny, annoying, voice that I am convinced he loves. He is a goober! A ray of sunshine with a huge smile on his face anytime anyone gives him a glance. A few people have commented on what a special little spirit he has. A definite light is in this little mans eyes...

This picture is meant for Aunty Treana :) This is his best bud. I didn't think 5 month olds were quite old enough to get attached to things...well, this kid loves this dino stuffed animal!

I have put every one of my kids in this Winnie the Poo costume at this age. Chris thinks its torture but I think its adorable! They usually do want out of it within seconds but I snap that picture first. Would love to round up every pic I have and blog them all...might take me a century to do so lets me honest, prob wont happen!
He tried his saucer for the first time last week. He is getting so big!
In the stinking cute hat Aunty Lisa gave him.