Friday, August 15, 2008

My Cozette is a kindergartener! So far she is lovin it, and comes home and tells me all the details about mastering the monkey bars, computer lab, letter of the day and what nut-free snack they had. Her teacher says she is very bright and ready to start learning to read. We are so proud of her!

I have the fondest memories of playing with my cousins! It has really meant something to watch my kids with theirs and see how instant the bonds can form. What a month for cousins!! and We were all in heaven because of it! My sisters Clover and Jennee and their families came into town as well as Chris' bro Stuart and his wife Lisa with their cuties, Lucas and Phebe. (they moved here to do a phd at the Y) it was a mad house for a while but so much fun! We love you guys!!!!!