Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cozette's 10th Birthday!

Can't believe I have a 10 year old! And what an amazing, beautiful, spiritual girl she is. She seemed to have a fun birthday and was peppy and high spirited all day. She got new glasses which she loves and looks adorable in and then was showered with gifts from Grandparents and mom and dad. Hard not to want to spoil her because she always acts so grateful. We love you Cozette Annabelle Rogers! 

Grandma Denise made the tastiest trifle ever! We snarfed it :) 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Elias' eighth birthday and baptism!

This is one handsome kid, and boy was he excited to turn 8! 

Felt young again ;) 
Grandpa Jon was a trooper- could hardly keep up with him! 
Aurora's first time and she needed a bit of help from Dad.
We had some roller skating fun on Saturday with Grandparents and cousin Kaedrin
Newly decorated room

Birthday English roast dinner

He loves trifle and asked for that as his birthday cake

We decided to have the missionaries teach Elias the 6 discussions as good preparation for his big day. We had so much fun having them over every monday night and learned so much! 

Elias wanted his Grandpa Jon to baptize him and his Grandpa Nigel to confirm him.
He also asked his Grandma Denise to talk about Baptism and his Grandma Mickee to talk about the Holy Ghost at his Baptism. It was so fun to see him take control of his special day and choose for himself. He loved having the power and he LOVES his wonderful Grandparents! 

~Father and Son~

It was definitely a highlight to have his cousin Kaedrin surprise him and come into town.  They spent the weekend playing, playing, and more playing!! 

Had to post this pic at the baptism- Anson now knows how to pose and say 'cheese' for the camera!  LOVE it~ 

We had a wonderful show of friends from our ward and feel so blessed to have them in our lives. 
We LOVE you so much Elias Christopher Rogers and are so very proud of your decision to be baptized. You are such a bright spirit in our lives and fill our home with happiness and joy! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patty's

Happy 'pinch you if you don't wear green' day! 

Can you tell Chris took this pic where I am half cut out? We showed up at church 5 minutes late and walked to the front where there was a large enough bench open. Yep all 6 green martians! lol 

Picture Day

Off to school for picture day. They picked their own outfits but I helped with hair :) 

Had to throw Dad in a couple because he looked so handsome as well~ 

Girlies in their Curlies

This two adorable girls wanted me to put curlers in their hair for church the next day. It reminded me of when I was a  kid. They woke up with frizz heads and they loved it! haha