Thursday, January 26, 2012

~SATURDAY~ Cozettes latest musical

This time Cozette got to perform with one of her best friends Fiona. And they got to wear PJ's!
And of course our adopted Grandparents Ellen and Don Olson came to support and adore her.

I love this facial expression! She really is a natural and the best one up there (says a very biased but very theater savvy mom) I am so proud of this kid....

New Camera, new haircut = one happy woman!!

..... really....chicken pox?!

Elias had spots show up the day after Christmas and I thought his were bad. He was in bed for a couple of days and made good use of his new legos but didn't complain once. The kid is an angel. I really thought we were in the clear for the girls but exactly two weeks later....
the drama began! And boy were they hurting. Poor girls had high fevers, itching like crazy and contant complaints and neediness. Their spots were everywhere...and I mean everywhere!!

Anson even got them but it was a light case (thank heavens) but I think Aurora got the worst of it. It seemed every square inch of her body was covered. We spent a week at home watching movies, taking oatmeal baths, calamine lotion, grean drink, vitamins, etc, etc...
And I ended the week getting a very expensive haircut, shoping for clothes and going to yoga as a treat to myself for being an extra good mommy! lol

Some of my favorite pics of CHRISTMAS~