Thursday, March 27, 2014

Foster Daughters~

Valeri is our newest foster daughter. She was originally supposed to come live with us, but we had not done all of our training so  she was placed with another family. It was upsetting to me because I had felt good about having her ( we had talked on the phone and gotten to know each other a bit ) but her last placement didn't work out so we took her and have enjoyed getting to know her better. 

Gisele has been with us since November and she is a joy to have around. She is from Rwanda and has improved her English by leaps and bounds these last few months. She loves to sing and dance and is so good with the kids. It has been very rewarding to do foster care for these beautiful girls. They have taught me so much! 

Turning 11!!

This girl woke up sick on her birthday but had such a good attitude and happy countenance.  She was all dressed up for her school talent show (with inhaler in hand) I hate that she was sick but she said it was still a great birthday. 

All dressed up to see Les Mis at Hale Center Theater. It was fabulous!! 

It was fun to take our best friends- (missing Devon) 

Turning 9!!

Elias said it was "The best birthday!" 

He got a brand new bike and some gear and couldn't be more excited about it. We finally have some nice weather for him to enjoy riding it. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Musical Theater Class Performance

So, for some 'self care' I recently joined a Musical Theater class. My dear grandpa asked me if I was still performing because about 15 years ago I was involved in a few productions and really loved it. I told him no, and laughed at the thought because of how incredibly busy I feel these days (in fact I am posting this when I should be doing math homework) But while signing Cozy up for an acting class at Hale Center Theater I noticed they had an adult Musical Theater class on Saturdays. Chris looked at me and said "You should do it!" And thats all it took :) Its been a fun six weeks  and we just had a small performance on Hales huge stage. It was great fun!