Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our Christmas was seriously THE BEST!

The kids had their school Christmas performances and I had to use my phone camera so not the best pics but definitely the best and most adorable performances! I was at the school for over 2 hours :) 

Christmas Sunday. Love dressing up with my girls~

Chrismas eve puppet show at Grandparents

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It was amazing as usual!!

Visiting Gisele's family with our great friends Barry and Brittany. Great experience! 

Such adorable kids! 

Always remember my mom and dad making an effort to make Christmas morning special with yummy smells, candles, fireplace and of course presents! Now its my turn~ 

Our beautiful family tradition of reading Luke 2 and eating oranges before starting the unwrapping chaos. The reason for the season! 

Stocking Fun! 

Looks like I have a well developed grand child :) 

I got spoiled this Christmas by my main man~ 

hansome brudders

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Christmas dinner followed by fun with friends and family. What a perfect day...

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas card pictures

Our final Pic!

Welcome to our new foster daughter GISELE! (we are not technically supposed to put her in our family pictures yet or we would have)