Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

I love Christmas!....don't we all? December is a month filled with parties, lights, treats, family, singing, treats, presents, decorations, cards, treats, mistletoe, festive movies, snowfall and treats!

My kids and their silly faces. Can you believe I brought this home and didn't let them have any of it. I told them I want it in tact for at least a day! :)

I could hardly wait till after thanksgiving to put the tree up

Sunday best!

What has really meant the most for me so far this Christmas is teaching my children about the Savior's birth. HE is the reason for the season, and I love that we have this special time to focus on him and use every teaching opportunity we can to share with our little ones what it is their older brother has really done for them. My kids light up and I can see their testimonies are already starting to grow. I thought Christmas was great as a child but as an adult it's truly amazing!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yes, I am one of these die-hard Twilight fans and proud of it! I know it may be a tiny bit pathetic but it makes life so fun to be obsessed over things worth obsessing over. I know I brag about my husband a lot but he truly is wonderful. He surpised me with midnight tickets (and t-shirt) to go with the girls... and can I say that it was a great and memorable night!! At our "before" party we ate loads of sinful food while reading exerpes from Midnight Sun. Counting down the minutes till we left for the show :) The theatre was jam packed full of excited girls (I think there were about 3 men there). The energy level was through the roof! We squeeled and screamed through most of the movie and although it got mixed reviews I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Michelle, Kimmey, Mary, Me, Wendy and Texie

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We are welcoming the holidays! What a fun Halloween it was for our little family and the wonderful weather was a serious bonus. The kids loved the dressing up and I felt proud that I found their costumes at a garage sale in the summer for $2 a piece! sorry, but I have to brag... :)

My little Angel was a Devil. Look at that face.... squeeeeeze!!! Our ward had a trunk or treat that loaded the kids up with candy to last a lifetime (which I will snitch when they are not looking:) We went to a few houses to trick or treet then off to the parents so they could see how adorable their grandkids are!

Now for the adult fun..... Saturday we got a sitter and spent the night partying across the street at our neighbors house (Cella's) It was a bit outa control and I cant remember the last time I had that much fun!! We love our neighborhood friends so much!

This ones for you Whitney...remember when Chris used to make that face to scare you? We had a great time putting our costumes together. We found everything in the house and only had to purchase the face makeup. Once again braging about my frugal abilities...

Logan and Mary Hammer

Kirk and Texi Brown

Lacey and Steven Deitz

Wendy and Todd Cella

Brett and Atty Adams

The Gals

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gotta love a GIRLS WEEKEND!!!

My lovely cousin Sheena set up an overnighter at a beautiful home in Park City (thanks by the way sheen, your the best!) and I think we all agree that it was a total blast and just what the doctor ordered. Our fabulous husbands took care of the kids (or animals:) while we were away laughing, talking, eating and shopping! And I even came home to a clean house...I am one lucky woman!

We got dolled up to take some fun model shots. (had to take advantage of having two incredibly talented photograhers-thanks Dawni and Carrie) I have to admit I felt young again and grew to love my sisters and cousins even more, which I didn't think was possible...they are all amazing women! I love you guys!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

whats going on in ours...and my favorite current pics!

My little Angel has had a cold and I think is trying to get some teeth! My others had loads of teeth by now. She still keeps her smile on though, and makes us all talk baby talk all day to her just to get to see it. You can see her sore nose in this pic (aw...bless) isn't she the cutest?!

I am so glad I cought this moment! She loves her daddy more than anyone I think, and this picture is proof of that. Aurora is just a ray of sunshine in our lifes! What more is there to say?

I had to post this sweet picture of my two guys. Buddy loves to dress like Daddy and has really bean aware of his wardrobe lately. He is taking after his sister (Cozette) in his pickiness and how he changes his clothes about 20 times a day! Heaven help me!!
Aunty Kez came into town for a last get-away before she heads BACK into town to serve her mission at temple square! We are of course thrilled about this and had a great time with her. We did a couple memorable things like a trip up to Brighton canyon and my little bros wedding celebrations but mostly she tagged along with our life like coming with me to Zumba (excersize class) in the morning, shopping at the store, and just entertaining the kids. We love you Kez!
You know how you dont want to force your kids to do something just because you like it so much? Well, I put Cozette in a dance class and told myself not to be upset if she didn't like it..... She loves it!! And I may be a bit biased but she seems like a natural dancer. Her teacher is strict and makes sure they know its not 'play time' which I am in two minds about. I like that she is learning technique and discipline, but want for it to be fun too. Her costumes for an upcoming recital are to-die-for adorable and I will most definitely post pics of that.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Bro's Wedding

We had the funnest weekend celebrating my brother Winslow's wedding. I am excited that my brother finally got the courage to get married, and we love his new wife, Heidi. They are a great couple, and it meant so much to be a part of their special day.

Cozette and Elias loved their new wedding outfits, and showed them off on Sunday at church. They both kept going up to people and just standing there waiting for a reaction to how adorable they looked. It was so cute! And, Elias wants to wear his green tie all the time.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Cozette is a kindergartener! So far she is lovin it, and comes home and tells me all the details about mastering the monkey bars, computer lab, letter of the day and what nut-free snack they had. Her teacher says she is very bright and ready to start learning to read. We are so proud of her!

I have the fondest memories of playing with my cousins! It has really meant something to watch my kids with theirs and see how instant the bonds can form. What a month for cousins!! and We were all in heaven because of it! My sisters Clover and Jennee and their families came into town as well as Chris' bro Stuart and his wife Lisa with their cuties, Lucas and Phebe. (they moved here to do a phd at the Y) it was a mad house for a while but so much fun! We love you guys!!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kids' Photos

Carrie took some really great pics of our kids last week, and of course, they are further proof that our kids could win any photo contest! (Thanks Carrie, they're priceless!)