Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Handsome Anson's 1st Birthday

He was not so sure about this cake. He is allergic to eggs so I thought I would get original and make jello instead and I believe he thought he got gipped. He hated the texture so wouldn't eat it. It made the kids laugh hard! 

What a kid! He is into everything these days. And he started full on walking this week, like he new he was going to be one, and it was time to grow up. 

Cheeeese! I figured because he hated his cake I would let him lick the beaters to mousse I had made  later that day. As  you can see it made him HAPPY! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Piano lessons~

We have been wanting a piano for a while now and have done some looking for a used one. We were finally blessed enough to be given one by our friends! They are never fun to move, and we probably should have hired piano movers... but I fed the missionaries and talked them into it as, well as utilized our wonderful home teachers! Just hope none of them broke their backs!! We are excited to have the kids taking piano lessons now and look forward to forcing them to practice when they really don't want to. ;) What good are parents if we can't torture our kids right?! 

Monday, September 10, 2012


The Olympics seemed to start a spark in my girls for Gymnastics, and it had the same affect on me as a kid. So we signed them up and they are having fun! Olympic gold here we come! :)

Little guy

 So, now its just me and my handsome Anson home together three mornings of the week while the kids are in school. He keeps me on my toes this one! Into everything and eating and pooping non stop :) He makes the funniest faces and instead of smiling when people look at him he makes this silly serious face. He is growing up too fast!

First day of pre-school!

 My baby girl is growing up! She was sooooo excited to start pre-school and the great thing about it is its only a block away. When I was looking for pre-schools this was one I called on and realized in was in the lutheran church literally one block from my house. I had heard it was hard to get into but when I called they had a spot open for Aurora's age group. Yay! When Chris picked her up today she said "But I didn't get to eat lunch here like Buddy and Cozy do?!" She didn't want to leave so I guess that is a good sign. She likes the 'getting older' idea...wish I liked it more ;)