Tuesday, February 14, 2012

~Happy Valentines~

I woke up this morning and they had picked their own adorable V-day outfits. I love having creative and independent kids! They are amazing little people who bring so much joy into my life. I think it is wonderful to have a day to celebrate LOVE. I have many people in my life that I love and I thank them with all my heart for all they mean to me.

Babies growing up too fast!

Nothing is quite so cute as a babies bum! Have many a pic of my kids...future blackmail :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"I'm a big girl now"

These are the words of my now 4 year old Aurora Devon. What a kid. She is charming, sensitive, creative, and fun loving. She is a 'girly-girl' to the max and I love it! Anything princess, babies, makeup, clothes, phones, romance, pink, purple, sparkly, etc. She is your girl! And boy did I have fun doing her birthday party!! Repunzel from the movie Tangled is our favorite princess at the moment. We watch the movie at least once a week. And when I say we I mean me as well :) love it! So, of course this was our theme..

Braiding this hair was a chore. The kids got home from school while I was in the middle of it and offered to help and it made all the difference. Should have seen Aurora's face when she realized it was for her party.

Breakfast in bed followed by presents was a great way to start the day. Her Grandparents spoiled her with lovely gifts. (She has yet to take off the jewelry)

I had such fun making the Tower! Little ideas would come to me in the middle of the night and of course I stole other ideas :)

I let Aurora decide what food she wanted for the most part. Thus the cheetos, grapes and gummy bears. :) I picked the cucumber sandwiches and scones with clotted cream..who doesn't love a tea party?
If you know Tangled then you know the frying pan is such a funny and creative part of the show. This was my last minute attempt at edible frying pans. The kids loved it :)
I know she is my kid and I am biassed but look at that face! She is a doll! Does not mind the attention me thinks!!

loved this funny face...not sure what she was thinking.
Aurora invited her two best friends. Aria and Sachsa who came in their princess best and played their little hearts out.
We couldn't get over this shot of Ellen and Anson and it's total cuteness! Their little expressions look the same.
Cozette is hiding in there somewhere. lol

This was a moment caught at the end of the day right before bed. It was a magical day for my little Repunzel~