Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yes, I am one of these die-hard Twilight fans and proud of it! I know it may be a tiny bit pathetic but it makes life so fun to be obsessed over things worth obsessing over. I know I brag about my husband a lot but he truly is wonderful. He surpised me with midnight tickets (and t-shirt) to go with the girls... and can I say that it was a great and memorable night!! At our "before" party we ate loads of sinful food while reading exerpes from Midnight Sun. Counting down the minutes till we left for the show :) The theatre was jam packed full of excited girls (I think there were about 3 men there). The energy level was through the roof! We squeeled and screamed through most of the movie and although it got mixed reviews I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Michelle, Kimmey, Mary, Me, Wendy and Texie

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We are welcoming the holidays! What a fun Halloween it was for our little family and the wonderful weather was a serious bonus. The kids loved the dressing up and I felt proud that I found their costumes at a garage sale in the summer for $2 a piece! sorry, but I have to brag... :)

My little Angel was a Devil. Look at that face.... squeeeeeze!!! Our ward had a trunk or treat that loaded the kids up with candy to last a lifetime (which I will snitch when they are not looking:) We went to a few houses to trick or treet then off to the parents so they could see how adorable their grandkids are!

Now for the adult fun..... Saturday we got a sitter and spent the night partying across the street at our neighbors house (Cella's) It was a bit outa control and I cant remember the last time I had that much fun!! We love our neighborhood friends so much!

This ones for you Whitney...remember when Chris used to make that face to scare you? We had a great time putting our costumes together. We found everything in the house and only had to purchase the face makeup. Once again braging about my frugal abilities...

Logan and Mary Hammer

Kirk and Texi Brown

Lacey and Steven Deitz

Wendy and Todd Cella

Brett and Atty Adams

The Gals