Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It has been way to long...I know.

I have decided to get used to the fact that Life is full of CHANGE! If you know me well then you know I am not always the biggest fan of change. Of course, it can be exciting and adventurous and I am always glad to learn new things and grow in the process. I have discovered that we have moved eight... count that, EIGHT, times in the last eight years of marriage, and if you ask me that's about 6 times too many! :) We have been blessed to live in nice homes, in fabulous wards, and make some amazing friends. So, really it has been quite fun. Our current adventure is living in Denver while Chris attends DU law school. Denver has a lot to offer and we find ourselves once again feeling our Heavenly Father's abundant blessings being poured out upon us. But, may I say, I am not having fun with 'starting over' again. Learning my way around, trying to convince people that I am really cool and they better want to be my friend :) registering the kids at school, and wishing I knew my neighbors. And, of course, trying hard not to compare everything to my wonderful Utah! Mostly, if I am honest, I miss my family and friends and wish I could be here and there at the same time! What a huge blessing that we can jump in a car for eight (there's that lovely number again) hours and be there!!

We have downsized and this is a few pics of our new home. I was sad at first that we were going to have to do this, but I have to say it has been so good. I spend way less time cleaning! That happens when you go from 4 bathrooms to 1! It feels good to simplify. The home is older, so it has charm, and we are in love with the neighborhood. So many trees, parks and walking trails. Denver is awesome that way! Elias was my little model that day and insisted on being in all the pictures showing off his new shirt from his Grandparents in England.

We had to say goodbye to our dear cousins for a long while. We had gotten quite attached living in the same home for almost a year. Stu and Lisa and kiddies moved to Ohio for a great job and we will surely miss them!!

School started early out here. I had about 5 days after we moved here to have them all ready. I had to purchase a bunch of school supplies which is something I did not have to do in Utah (not a fan), but it all worked out and they absolutely LOVE school! I have to say I am really impressed with their teachers and what the school stands for and offers the kids. They have a healthy snack policy, so we as parents are not allowed to send candy, cupcakes or basic junk-food for birthdays and such. Might sound cruel, but in Utah it seemed Cozy was having lots of sugar everyday at school and I got no say in it. They also have the kids exercise every day, and the school has a garden that the kids plant and eat from! How stinkin' cool is that?! I let them pick their own outfits for their first day, (that is difficult for a controlling mom) and I thought they did a good job! Elias was trying to look like his cool cousin Boston! :)

Well, since I don't have the incredible social life I once did, I have had more time for crafts and have loved creating these cutsie things! Cozette likes it too, I think!!

Golly, that is a cute face. Love this kid!
They have gotten to be little naturals with the camera. This was their own pose. Can you tell we are all very excited about this time of year? Wish they wouldn't keep changing their minds about Halloween costumes!

Can you say PRECIOUS? I am in awe at their pure beauty sometimes.. that is when I am not scolding, nagging or yelling at them. Oh wait...I don't yell. hee hee