Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Fun

We had a fabulous Easter and the kids got spoiled. Saturday morning we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with some church friends.

I figure I better enjoy this stage where they are all lovey and affectionate. I am told it can change drastically when they are teens. :)

Sunday morning it was another hunt and the movie Tangled (which is our new fam fav) to surprise the kids with. Church starts at nine and Chris and I spoke so I am glad the kids are good egg finders because we were in a hurry!

major recap of the last 6 months...oops

Repunzle with Cozy's primary class! Sooo much fun!!!

At the allergist hoping to get some answers for all her skin problems...

The 'Before' pics of the girls room. I know, very boring..

After!! Looks much better and on a very small budget!

Fun with English Grandparents in town

Cozettes Big Day!!!

Buddy's Birthday!

Aurora's Birthday!

Cozy's first sleep over with best friend FionaOur friend Travis who I babysit three times a weekChristmas with friends...

Christmas morn at Grandma and Grandpa Burtons

The lights on Temple Square with the O'deas

me craftin at Christmas...