Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brown Palace High Tea

My dear friend (of over 20 years) Devon came into town for the weekend to help her little sis move and I got to steel her away for half a day. We splurged and went to high tea (a tradition we try to keep when we visit each other)  at the brown palace hotel and topped it of by watching Les Miserable on the big screen. I always have such a fabulous time when I am with this kindred friend of mine. Love you Devon~

Sunday, January 6, 2013

CHRISTMAS in ENGLAND! (Longest post ever)

First Stop was Kez's house. Can you tell we are excited to be in be in England? Had to get a pic of the vines on her house. We were such tourists the whole time it was funny. And So great to have Lenny with us! 

Right away it was a trip to London. This is us waiting for the train. This trip was full of travel. 

This was my favorite 'professional' shot of the holiday. Can you believe their eyes? Such beauties~

Another touristy shot. Waiting at London Victoria to take the tube to Buckingham palace

Lennyx thought it was crazy she had to pay to use the restroom. Welcome to England! lol

We met up with Stu and Lisa because they had been sorting out Immigration. Be staying a bit longer in the states I believe. ;) 

A shot of us squished in an elevator. 

Here we are at our first sight! Buckingham Palace~

I LOVE this shot! The boys fave thing to do in London was chase the pigeons. 

A very different nativity. Not sure about Josephs pose ;) 

Hansome faces!

Big Ben

The London Eye

Some weird street performer

Cozy took pics on the train and I love this one of Anson eyeing this ladies food.

Hyde Park Chapel. It was a neat experience to watch a small video on families and chat with the older missionary couple. I love being a member of this church! 
We also went Ice skating- I think the adults had as much fun as the kids!  

This was a priceless moment I caught. Thought it was so sweet..
A night out at a carvery for dinner. They had a hard time feeding a group as big as ours. :) 

A visit to Great Grandma's in Suffolk

Grandma Denise's 60th birthday party! What a fabulous time was had by all. 


Angela and Daniel

Our view from Victoria's Hotel

Elias escorting Grandma Denise to her seat for the meal. It was too cute~



The beautiful cake 

Nanna and her grandkids

I got lot's of great pic's with Nanna. This was my favorite shot!

It was so nice to catch up with cousins

Lovely shot of Nanna with her daughters

Baby Lenaya's blessing

Christmas morning before
Christmas morning after
Our cool family crest t-shirts given by Stu and Lisa

Time to feast!

Our Christmas dinner at the hotel was quite the fancy meal 


We spent boxing day in Rochester seeing the Castle and Cathedral

The history and pure beauty of the buildings was such a highlight of the trip 
The amazing view from our room in the Manner house

Good memories were made playing pool
Lego's was a big entertainer for Lucas and Elias and occasionally James if they decided to share :) 

Our last big meal together as a family

Chris starting on Christmas pudding before any of us have had any! 
Thanks to Nigel and Denise the trip didn't break the bank! 

We are so going to miss this beautiful countryside. So long England.... 

Merry Christmas from the Rogers