Wednesday, January 28, 2009

call me crazy!

I am starting an in home childcare. I have had some interesting reactions from people I have told. Things like "oh, I couldn't do it!" or "thats hard work!" but I am given it a go!!! I have advertised on ksl and craigslist but could use other advertising ideas and advice on running a daycare. anyone?.....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

more Christmas highlights and fun!

Santa was up all blimin night but it was an incredibly grand sight!
I think we had 5 proper Christmas dinners. Turkey, Ham, Lamb...We stuffed ourselves silly!
It was such a blessing to have Denise, Nigel and Alex FINALLY get here to celibrate with us.

Sister Rogers

Kerry took us on a tour and we were all very impressed!

We barely made it to Cozette's dance recital, the weather was so awful. She was a joy to watch and looked like a fairy princess...I love you coze!

Quite the poser... dont know where she gets it. :)

My wee sis Mara got engaged, and Chris helped them with the ring... we are so happy for them.

Temple Square was such fun. Our good friends Jeremy and Melissa came with us, and it was their first time ever. They are new converts to the church and we were blessed to be a part of their missionary experience.

Oooooh! Sqweeeeze!!

Going to see the lights is always a romantic thing for me. I have a pic like this when Chris and I were dating...we look a touch older here :)

Seeing Kez (sister Rogers) for the first time was an absolute delight!