Monday, June 15, 2009


We have been looking forward to the Scotish festival for what feels like ages! The rain was the only disapointment...that and the cost. We loved the pipe bands, highland games and ofcourse the food. I had a proper sausage roll! yum! We drove all the way to thanksgiving point and after about an hour it started pouring down (proper Scotish weather) It was an adventure and a lot of fun!

We then went to our ward primary carnival...can I just say after what we spent at the festival I was so glad we belong to such a great church where the parties are free :) The kids had a blast with the blow up slide, face painting, endless prizes and a really entertaining clown who invited Cozy up on stage to help her with a magic trick. The kids were in heaven!

Also, have to mention that after Cozy begged to have her training wheels off her bike, Buddy mastered it. Took him only minutes! :) needless to say his sister was very motivated after that and she then got it down. They look so cute riding it!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

discovering my grean thumb

I knew it was in my blood to want to plant things but only really figured it out this summer. The picture doesn't really show much but I have planted flowers and done my best to make our front yard look nice. Today I was weeding and mowing and boy is it exhausting! I love having a home and taking care of very rewarding.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Parcels from the Grandparents!!!

The kids got spoiled from their English Grandparents! Parcels came in the post today filled with clothes and sweeties. Thanks Denise and Nigel...we love you!