Friday, April 13, 2012

Jack and The Bean Stalk- Boulder dinner theater

We went to see Jack and the Bean Stalk with Ellen and Don on Saturday and our seats were so good that they picked Cozy out of the audience and made her part of the show. It was lots of fun and such a cute and witty show! Cozy did a great job as well :)


I love Easter! The flowers bloom and the sun shines and there is hope in the air for better times ahead. We are blessed to celebrate the resurrection of the Savior and the immense amount of love he has for each of us. As well as enjoy what I consider the best holiday candy ever... Cadbury's mini eggs! And... its nice enough weather to take some fun pictures of my beautiful children. Doesn't get much better than that!

They like to pick their own poses and I have to say they have the gift! lol What cute girls~

I came home Saturday night to a fun Easter surprise from Chris and the kids. Got to admit my heart melted when I saw it.

The hunt begins! We are still finding jelly beans a week later :) I think I hide candy like my dad did. lol

I think this is my favorite picture because of the innocence in their the little faces. They are the joy in my life no doubt about it!

And last but not least my little Easter bunny just got out the bath. Dang, he is scrummy...

Elias' Birthday

I feel bad because my easy going Elias got the bad end of the stick when it comes to birthday photo's. Chris was in Hong Kong with my uber nice camera (and didn't really take any great pics) and Cozy took my small compact purse camera to Hawaii so I don't have much of Elias's big day. It was fun though! He had his best friend Jonah over and we went to 'Jump Street' -a huge trampoline warehouse. I so wish I had a camera with me for that. They were so fun to watch. I tell ya I would have joined in if I didn't have a baby in my arms. :) We came home after and had pizza and banana splits. Elias got a train set from his Grandparents in England and some art supplies from his Grandparents in Utah and some Legos from Ellen and Don. All of which he has spent hours playing with and enjoying to the max! What a lucky kid! And what a lucky...or shall I say BLESSED mommy I am to have such a great son. I call him sunshine sometimes and its because that is what he is to me in my life. A ray of son shine!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Cozette is one blessed little girl. She had the privilege of going to Hawaii with her wonderful primary teacher Ellen and her fabulous husband Don. We call them our adopted grandparents because they have been that for us while we are here in Denver and far from family. They spent seven days doing some really fun things and seeing some amazing sights! We are all jealous :)

Dole plantation. These are young pineapple plants.

The beautiful tabernacle ward chapel they attended. The people were so welcoming and loving and the grounds were stunning.
Cozette's birthday was quite the busy, amazing day for her. They went to the polynesian cultural center. They had special first class passes so they got the royal treatment. Cozy even got her own hula lesson! They really couldn't say enough about how great it was being entertained by the BYU students and being a part of the spirit and diversity of it all.

6 cultures were represented...Hawaiian, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand

Gorgeous Hawaii Temple
So many of the pics that were taken show how beautiful it truly was. Cozette called me the first day and said "Everything is so green" This tree is called the walking tree.
Cozette is standing in front of Waimea Falls with shave ice, a newly discovered treat.
Standing on the deck of the Bowfin submarine, which is permanently docked there.
Pearl Harbor

Cozette was a fish while she was there. She swam just about everyday! She loved the beaches and came back a tomato :)

Waimanalo Beach.
Honolulu Zoo.
Kahala Beach.
Having camomile tea and sandwiches and cakes at the Kahala Hotel.