Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winter fun and Birthdays

My baby girls Birthday. I want her to stop growing! (especially because the terrible two's are here)

Cozette had the cutest Valentine box for school thanks to Grandma Mickee. We had fun putting this together!
This is a common thing to see on a day in our home. Aurora has a shoe fetish just like mommy so she raids my closet. Loved catching her in this moment :)
Chris turned 30!! It was the best and worst of Birthdays for him I think. We had a blast of a weekend with the fun things I planned and surprised him with but food poising hit him and he got terribly ill. poor thing...
The kids have loved the hill in our back yard for sledding. We have invited a few friends over to join in the fun and the kids have become daredevils!

Look at those stinkin cute faces!!!
BJ was the pro-sledder

We had some fun making doll houses out of random things in our home. It was some good girl time!
Aurora finally has enough hair to put in piggies! This is a big deal to us :)