Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

I love Christmas!....don't we all? December is a month filled with parties, lights, treats, family, singing, treats, presents, decorations, cards, treats, mistletoe, festive movies, snowfall and treats!

My kids and their silly faces. Can you believe I brought this home and didn't let them have any of it. I told them I want it in tact for at least a day! :)

I could hardly wait till after thanksgiving to put the tree up

Sunday best!

What has really meant the most for me so far this Christmas is teaching my children about the Savior's birth. HE is the reason for the season, and I love that we have this special time to focus on him and use every teaching opportunity we can to share with our little ones what it is their older brother has really done for them. My kids light up and I can see their testimonies are already starting to grow. I thought Christmas was great as a child but as an adult it's truly amazing!!