Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Of School

Yes, these are my stylish, funny, spunky, silly, just plain Wonderful kids!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tia Kwon Do

 Elias Graduated to his orange belt in Tia Kwon do and we had a great time watching him! He impressed us with his natural skills and I think his favorite thing was kicking the board :). I love how these martial arts teach the children to work for something, as well respect and honoring parents and fulfilling their responsibilities. His instructor is great and we have been pleased with the gym overall.


 I love catching my kids looking clean and spruced up for church. Its about the only time all week they do! lol This was the first shot and quite dramatic if you ask me. They then became a bit more themselves and that explains the silly pics which I like just as much.

Corn on the Cob fun!

 Anson and I have had thrush as well as terrible colds, as you can tell from his scabby nose. Not to mention out of control eczema that seems to come with every illness. The corn cheered the poor fella up! :)

 Corn on the cob has always been a favorite summertime food. Comes with good memories and we continue to make more... Love these kids!!