Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Christopher James Rogers, J.D.

Happy Graduation to my main man! I am so proud of him, and so glad we can move on to the next phase in life.  :) 

~Pure happiness~

There he is up on the big screen!

Treana and Lawren

Candace and Winston

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SOCCER! (English football)

Cozette decided to join Elias's soccer team because we realized it is for her age group anyway. Elias is still one of their best players so it works out great. It is so stinking fun to watch them!! I get pretty into it :) 

Chris has enjoyed being an assistant coach and seems to be a great asset. We have seen lots
 of improvement with the kids in just the last few weeks. 

Happy 'The Best Birthday Ever' to me!!

I was not looking forward to the idea of being 35. I am really starting to see the 'affects' of aging and somehow when there is a number put to it, then its proof! I may not like that 'number' but I sure love what comes with being this age for me. (except the wrinkles and sags lol) Sometime I think I will look back at this as the happiest time of my life. We don't have any money or fancy things. Still not sure what Chris going to Law school will mean for us (it was a decision made by the spirit) So, yeah- there are lots of uncertainties...enough to drive a woman crazy :) But wholly and truly, I feel like I might just be the luckiest (most blessed) woman in the world! And I sure hope saying it doesn't mean I have just jinxed myself. lol -I'm certainly not saying I have not had my trials and struggles. There have been a couple of doozies. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? I have witnessed that in my own life. So, what's so great about this age? Well, for starters there is something about being in your thirties that makes you not care so much about what people think. A sort of maturity, or growing into yourself that happens. I feel okay if I am seen with out makeup, or if my confidence bothers someone else. I feel happy in my skin for the most part. I of course have my insecure days but definitely not such a need to prove myself to others. Maybe its those struggles I mentioned making me realize that I can't waste time with what doesn't really matter. So I feel a bit more 'whole hearted' as Brene Brown talks about in her book 'the gifts of imperfection' which I highly recommend, and to me is life changing. I definitely have a ways to go, but I feel on the right road. I also think what makes this such a happy time is where my family is.  I have been married long enough to not want to waste time on fighting or being mad for very long. (Not that we don't have our needed arguments but they are different- if that makes sense) And see my husband in a different light as I have started seeing myself differently. I love him so very much that words cannot do it justly. He has been the sweetest, kindest, most caring man I have ever known and has gone great lengths to show me his love. Not to mention he gets better looking with time :) I am so grateful for his efforts in our marriage and family. I love that I have someone who understands me, who gave me a hug when I got that $300 speeding ticket this weekend rather than a lecture (like I would have given him) someone who makes me laugh into the night. Someone who looks at my kids the same way I do.  He is My. Best. Friend. Okay... done with that cheesiness. Now onto the cheesiness of being a mother to the most incredible kids known to man! I love that I have 4 of them too!! Better quit while were ahead right? lol - They really are smart, beautiful, spiritual kids who make me laugh and drive me crazy half the time. I am enjoying this stage where the older kids help with the youngers while I sleep an extra half hour in the morning. I like that I am okay with them not having a bath every night and don' think they are dying if they have a fever (the newmom stresses). Its so nice to have a selection of ages and genders as well. I can have a deep, complex conversation with Cozette. Kick the ball around with Elias. Buy princess dresses for Aurora, and shower my baby with hugs and kisses and chase him around while he giggles his head off. I am not any kind of expert on parenting but I have been blessed with my mothers consistency  and ability to encourage independence and it has made for some pretty well behaved and capable kids. They have Chris's good temperament and my desire to follow the rules and I know they will have their phases and rebellions so I am just going to enjoy this beautiful time of life where I get to make the rules and not worry where they are at night! These children of mine give my life so much purpose. And although there may be an occasional day that I envy that working mom (who gets validation for what she does) or even my husband in school- I wouldn't trade this for the world! And can't think of anything more special and important to do with my time. God has entrusted me with some pretty amazing spirits to raise and I want more than anything to do that right. You may think I am finished there but no... the list goes on! Chris and I both have the most wonderful families. Talk about lucking out with the in-laws. There are no better Grandparents in the world than my kids grandparents. Not to mention the 'family' we have in our friends. The friendships made in every stage in life and area we have lived are priceless! In fact my birthday weekend was filled with such friends.  So, here you have it! The list could go on and on but these are the obvious reasons 35 might just be the best age ever!!!

I started my birthday weekend off by having high tea with great friends (Arianne and Nina)  in beautiful Boulder. We drank cup after cup of herbal tea while chatting our hearts out! 

I then woke the next morning and put on my bright pink shirt and rainbow socks to run the 
Rugged Maniac with my dear friend Mindy. Talk about the Blast of the century! 

This slide made me feel like a kid again! 
In fact, the whole thing did. 
Playing in the dirt is FUN! 

'I'm a Maniac!'

The kids didn't want to touch me. Not sure why? ;)

I was on an absolute high the rest of the day.
Chris wants to do one with me next!

I get a double wammy with mothers day and birthday back to back. 
I woke Sunday to this lush breakfast and gifts!  

Mothers day smile. Wanted to get a pic with the kids but 
we were running late so this is what Chris allowed. 

On my actual birthday I went to our usual body pump class in the morning with Chris and he had everyone sing to me. Totally embarrassing but fun. Then went to a lovely lunch ( Panera-one of my faves)  with my visiting teaching companion and two of the incredible ladies we visit teach. We had deep conversation and a just simply a good time! Then I got to hang with these two cuties in the after noon while I anticipated my date night out with Chris. It was perfect, sunny, May weather and I even indulged in a little nap!

Chris came home with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and two cards. This was one of them, and I had to share the cuteness of it. He is so thoughtful and funny! 
I wanted Pho for dinner so we gorged ourselves on this yumminess while 
enjoying perfect weather and conversation.  Love this man. 

We went to see The Great and Powerful Oz after dinner while my friend Mindy babysat and 
cleaned my kitchen! I think I might just be the most spoiled person ever! 

One last Birthday scha-bang at Mod Market with girlfriends. Any excuse for a GNO!