Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day Of School!

My new Bed set!


We headed to Utah for Dad's internship and had a fun-filled summer spent with family, friends and sunshine! There were so many fun things planned and good quality time with cousins. We were blessed to rent a cheep and beautiful home in Provo, I was able to visit Jennee's midwife for check-ups, the kids made new friends. We had the time of our lives!!

Our family Vacation!

The beginning of our vacation was spent in the water. We had two beach days while staying with my Aunt Janet who happens to be the best host ever. We love our time with her and her family and I am seriously thinking about moving closer to the ocean! I could not get enough. It seemed to work a charm on Cozette and Aurora's skin problems as well. they cleared right up. So we have a medical reason now as well :)


What a fabulous time we had visiting Mickey and Minney! The kids LOVED it and were troopers. We got the two day park hopper and Chris flew me home the second day (his idea and yes, he wins the best husband award for that) and he and the kids got so much done! Monsters inc, bugs life, buzz light year, space mountain, peter pan, pirates of the caribean, and more!! I did a bunch of shoping before hand for clothes and toys to fit the occasion. (which was much cheaper) It was like Christmas all over again they were so spoiled. Made for a great memory!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tea Party with the Fells!

We had a blast hanging with our friends the Fells. This was one of the days where I decided to use my new tea set and throw a party. The kids the loved it and we got to play with Shae..the newest addition to their adorable family.

Max's Baptism

My wonderful friend Sarah's son Max got baptised and we were privilaged enough to get an invite :) We loved being able to witness this special occasion and had a great time and some yum food after.

Bean Museum with the Smiths and Rohrers!

We didn't get the best pictures but sure made a good memory being with my two best friends, Devon and Alyssa and their adorable kids. We went to the Bean Museum and the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. I loved being with my besties and seeing all our kids together!

Swim lessons!

The kids teacher said they were little fish's and were quite natural in the water. I had so much fun watching them enjoy the water and eagerly learn everything. We definitely want to make this a regular summer thing!

Kerry and Ben in town!

We had a few days with Kerry (Chris's sis) and Ben before we had to head home to Denver. They were in town doing a performance at the conference center about the british pioneers. We didn't even get to see it because of timing but got a sneek preview at a fireside and saw how talented they are and how beautiful the music is. We loved getting to spend time with them and they were so great with the kids! Love you guys.....